how to make a classic vodka martini

Classic Vodka Martini

A Vodka martini can be viewed as a variation of the traditional Martini. A traditional martini, commonly refereed to as just Martini is made with Gin and Vermouth. In a Vodka martini, the Gin is substituted with Vodka. Since the emergence of Martini’s in the 1890s, it has undergone many changes. Early versions were made with gin and sweet vermouth which…

screwdriver drink recipe: how to make a screwdriver cocktail

vodka and orange or screwdriver drink

The Screwdriver cocktail is probably one of most popular highball drinks with a large number of variations. As with most highballs, the screwdriver drink recipe contains just two ingredients and is a very easy drink to prepare. The drink gets its unique name because of the preparation process involved in its earlier days. The legend has it that the American engineers in the…

the recipe to the devil’s torch martini

Devil's Torch Martini

The Devil’s Torch Martini is a cocktail drink believed to have originated in the early 1800s in Europe. The drink has gone through several modifications and the modern day recipe is from the early 20th century. The drink is first seen recorded in the All That – Drinks Ancient and Modern. The drink is quite similar to the Vodka Martini…

how to make a mudslide cocktail drink

The Mudslide Drink

The Mudslide is a popular cocktail that is usually served as an after dinner drink. It is similar along the lines to either the White Russian or a Black Russian drink. There are several mudslide drink recipes that have evolved over the years with slight variations in ingredients,  such as with or without the vodka or the cream. The Mudslide…

how to make a violette vesper martini: inspired by the vesper

Violette Vesper Martini

The Voilette Vesper is a variation of the traditional Vesper Martini. The original Vesper martini, as made famous by 007 and the variation called Vesper Lynd martini can both be considered a variation of this. As you can see from the recipe, this drink is inspired by the original Vesper. The major and only difference between the recipes is that…

how to make a peach cosmopolitan…the cosmopolitan variation.

Prach Cosmopolitan Martini

The Peach Cosmopolitan as the name suggests is a variation of the classic or traditional cosmopolitan. The difference between the two is the much more predominant peach flavor in this cocktail rather than the fruity citrus taste of the cosmopolitan. As the traditional cosmo, the peach cosmopolitan is a fruity cocktail rather than a martini, though it is usually served in a martini glass. However, the…

recipes to seven quick and easy highball drinks…that you can serve at a party

Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug

A Highball drink is usually one that contains one base liquor mixed with a non-alcoholic mixer such as soda or tonic water. It is served in a tall or highball glass with ice. It is also sometimes refers to drinks that are served in highball (read tall glass). These are usually quick and easy to make, which makes it ideal for busy bartenders….

how to make a moscow mule cocktail

Moscow Mule Cocktail in a Copper Mug

The Moscow Mule is a highball buck cocktail made with Vodka as the base liquor. As with other buck or mule drinks, it contains ginger beer along with the vodka base. A buck or mule is a class of drink that is made with a base spirit and ginger beer as its ingredients. The name Moscow mule comes from the…

how to make a metropolitan cocktail..a variation of cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Martini Cocktail

A Metropolitan Cocktail is a variation of the much more popular Cosmopolitan martini cocktail. The major difference between the two drinks is in the flavor of the base spirit that is used. The Cosmopolitan uses the Vodka Citron which is a lemon (or citron) flavored while Metropolitan uses Vodka Kurant. Kurant is a flavored vodka with the flavor of black currant or blackberry…

how to make an apple martini – the appletini recipe

Appletini - Apple Martini

Appletini or the Apple Martini is a refreshing martini cocktail made with Vodka and one or more of the apple flavored juices or liqueurs. There are various different recipes for this that has been developed over the years, but most of it follows the simple rule that it is made with a Vodka or Apple flavored Vodka as the base spirit and…

the recipe for the best french martini..with vodka and chambord

French Martini in a cocktail glass

The French Martini is a very popular classic cocktail that is both juicy and sweet but still comes with a good punch. Arguably, what makes this drink French is the Chambord which originated in France. It is a sweet liqueur made from raspberries, vanilla, honey, citrus, cognac and some herbs. There are conflicting accounts on the origin of French Martini….

how to make a cosmopolitan cocktail

cosmopolitan martini

The Cosmopolitan is a fruity cocktail served up without ice in martini cocktail glass. It is made with vodka, orange liqueur and fruit juices. It is a very popular drink mostly because of its fruity taste, I presume. It does have a freshness to it because of the fresh lime juice. There are several variations of the drink and the…