how to search for text inside a file in the vi editor in linux

vi editor and search expressions

The vi or vim is a console based text editor in Linux. It is probably the most useful of Linux applications, in that you can quickly view and edit the text files right at the command shell. When viewing the text files, one of the useful features is the ability to search for a word or some text in the file….

what is a robots.txt file and how it affects search engine indexing

webmaster tools robots.txt console

The robots.txt is a text file that resides in the top level folder on your webserver. The purpose of the robots.txt file (or just robots file) is to provide some guidance to search engine crawlers as to what should be crawled and indexed, and what content should not be crawled. The robots.txt file uses an exclusion standard, which means that you…

seo: start title tags and urls with your target keyword to improve ctr

keywords in title tags

When creating content for your website or writing posts for your blog, there are mainly three things that you need to focus on. The first and foremost is probably the quality of the content. The next is the title of the page itself and then the slug (or URL) of the page. The title of the page is important for…

how to change the default search engine in google chrome

Change Search Engine in Chrome

Google Chrome supports various different search engines. You can change default search engine to any these, which provides you with the ability to search from the address bar or omnibox directly. In addition to the preset search engines, Google Chrome also detects and collects search functions from the various websites that you search on. You will need to modify or change…

how to find files by name and content in linux or unix from the command line

find command linux

So, you saved some information in a file somewhere in your hard drive sometime back and cannot find the file anymore. You vaguely remember the file name but don’t know where it is, and obviously you have about 13247 file folders and thousands and thousands of files. The easiest way to find the file that you want is using one of the…

3 quick tips to get more out of google search

Many of us use Google search many times a day to find, scour and research anything and everything under the sun many a times a day.  Here are a few easy tips to improve on those search queries without having to learn and remember any of the complex search syntax… 1) Fill in the blank with an asterisk (*) Using…