the classic long island iced tea cocktail recipe

long island iced tea cocktail

The Long Island Iced Tea is a highball alcoholic mixed drink made typically with several different base spirits. The usual base spirits used are Gin, Vodka, Rum and Tequila all in equal proportions. The exact origin of the drink recipe is unknown and often debated. The name of the drink “Long Island Iced Tea” seems to have originated from its…

cuban manhattan recipe: the manhattan cocktail with rum

cuban manhattan with rum

The Cuban Manhattan is a variation of the Perfect Manhattan. The only difference between the two drinks is the base spirit: The Cuban Manhattan uses Dark Rum as the base instead of Rye Whiskey. The name Cuban Manhattan comes because of the Dark Rum that is used, as Rum is said to be native to the islands of the Caribbean….

how to make a mojito cocktail

mojito cocktail drink

Mojito is a classic spring and summer cocktail that has a refreshing taste and flavor. It is quite popular and is one of the most preferred of the tropical cocktails. The low alcohol content as the rum is the only spirit that is used in the traditional versions, has also contributed to its popularity. The drink originated in Cuba and is the traditional…

how to make a rumpletini…an appletini variation with light rum

Rumpletini Cocktail Martini

The Rumpletini is a variation of the much more popular cocktail martini named Appletini or the Apple Martini. The main difference is in the base spirit that is used in this recipe. The appletini martini uses Vodka as the base. The Rumpletini, as the name suggests uses Rum instead of the Vodka as the base spirit. Just like the Appletini, you…

el presidente recipe: how to make a presidente cocktail

Presidente Martini Cocktail

El Presidente or The President is a refreshing cocktail martini with a lot of flavor. Unlike many of the other summer cocktails, it does not contain any non-alcoholic ingredients such as juice or soda, which makes it much more potent. The drink originated in the 1920s in Cuba, and is commonly attributed to the Vista Alegra in the city of…

recipes to seven quick and easy highball drinks…that you can serve at a party

Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug

A Highball drink is usually one that contains one base liquor mixed with a non-alcoholic mixer such as soda or tonic water. It is served in a tall or highball glass with ice. It is also sometimes refers to drinks that are served in highball (read tall glass). These are usually quick and easy to make, which makes it ideal for busy bartenders….

the cuba libre drink recipe: how to make a rum and coke

Rum and Coke

Cuba Libre is a highball drink made with Light Rum, Coca Cola and Lime. It is also known as Rum and Coke, especially in the English speaking western countries including Unites States, UK and Canada. As with most highballs, it can be made with varying proportions to suit your taste. Cuba Libre, meaning Free Cuba, has a lot of variations that…

how to make a winston’s martini..a not so popular classic

Winston's Martini

I first came across the Winston’s Martini at the Isarbar at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. The drink had just about the right combination of spice, sweetness and sour that it has since become one of my favorites. I have seen some recipes with slightly different proportions, but this is the proportion that I came up with after several trials and that I…