the recipe to the armour cocktail: a manhattan variation

armour drink recipe

The Armour Cocktail is a classic drink which dates all the way to the early 20th century. The drink has since lost its popularity and is hardly seen in modern days. The recipe to the drink first appeared in the early edition of Straub’s Manual of Mixed Drinks published in the 1910s. You could see that the drink is very similar…

9 manhattan cocktail variations that everybody should know

Paris Manhattan cocktail

The Manhattan drink or martini is probably one of the most popular and well known drinks. It is considered one of the basic drinks according to the classic cocktail book The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David Embury. There are several accounts of the drink dating back to the 19th century. The most popular legend about the drink places…

cuban manhattan recipe: the manhattan cocktail with rum

cuban manhattan with rum

The Cuban Manhattan is a variation of the Perfect Manhattan. The only difference between the two drinks is the base spirit: The Cuban Manhattan uses Dark Rum as the base instead of Rye Whiskey. The name Cuban Manhattan comes because of the Dark Rum that is used, as Rum is said to be native to the islands of the Caribbean….

sweet vermouth straight up: the groundhog day sweet vermouth cocktail

Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks

Sweet Vermouth is an aromatic fortified wine that has been infused with various different botanicals such as flowers, seeds, fruit peels, roots, barks and spices. Sweet Vermouth has traditionally been used an aperitif, although there are several different cocktails that use vermouth as an ingredient. When served as an aperitif, it is usually served in a small aperitif or digestive glass…

how to make a perfect rob roy martini…a variation of the classic rob roy

Perfect Rob Roy with Scotch Whisky

The Perfect Rob Roy drink is based on the traditional or classic Rob Roy drink which is made with Scotch Whisky and Sweet Vermouth. The Perfect Rob Roy contains equal proportions of both the sweet and the dry vermouth in addition to the Scotch Whisky. This actually makes it a variation of the Perfect Manhattan as well which is made with…

how to make an affinity cocktail: a martini with scotch whisky

Affinity Cocktail in a chilled martini glass

The Affinity cocktail is a variation of the Perfect Martini. The Perfect Martini uses equals parts of Sweet and Dry Vermouth along with the Gin as the base. The Affinity cocktail uses Scotch Whisky as the base spirit. It is further enhanced with some orange bitters. This cocktail works best as a before (or during) dinner drink. You can view…

how to make a manhattan cocktail: the classic or traditional recipe

A Classic Manhattan drink in a martini glass with cherry

A traditional Manhattan drink is usually made with Rye Whisky and sweet vermouth. As usually is the case with many of the cocktails that have been around for a while, there are quite a bit of variations of the classic version that are just as popular. While the cocktail can be shaken as served as a traditional martini in a martini glass,…