3 ways to increase impressions in google adsense

Google Adsense Ad format - Square Ad

An Ad Impression in the online advertising context, represents a single visual display of an ad in the user’s browser. It does not account for whether the user interacted with ad or not. It is counted as an impression every time an ad is fetched from the server with the intention of being displayed to the visitor on a webpage….

what is an impression in google adsense

Blocking ads in adsense

Impression is a technical term that can used in various different contexts to denote essentially the same concept. However depending on which product you are referring to, and depending on the context you are alluding to, it takes a slightly different meaning. The term is used in ad networks such as Google Adwords or Google Adsense, search engines such as…

what is an url channel and a custom channel in google adsense

Google Adsense URL Channels

If you are using Google Adsense on your blog or website, you already know how important it is to know what exactly is generating revenue. Is it a particular page, or a particular ad slot or an ad of a specific size etc etc. There are so many variables that affect the revenue and many of it is unique to your…

how to use section targeting in google adsense to improve ad relevancy

Wordpress section targeting implementation

Google Adsense uses various different techniques to match the ads from advertisers to the users. Section targeting can help your web site to display relevant ads to the user. In Display Networks, Adsense uses mainly three distinct ways of displaying the ads: Interest Based: The ads are matched based on the interests of the user. This usually requires identifying the…

how to block ads in google adsense as a publisher

Blocking ads in adsense

Google adsense works by matching relevant ads to your content on your website or blog posts. By default, all the ads in the adsense network have the potential to be shown on your website depending on the your settings, content, the advertiser’s preferences and match types. This post deals with blocking ads from your own website as a publisher and not as…

what is eCPM or page RPM in google adsense and how to calculate it

Google Adsense Ad format - Square Ad

RPM is an abbreviation for Revenue per Mille. (Mille being Latin for thousand). So, Page RPM refers to the Revenue earned per thousand views of a webpage. Page RPM is also referred to as the eCPM in the Google Adsense interface. The page RPM is calculated by dividing your total earning from the ads shown on a webpage by the total number of page…

what are the different google adsense ad sizes and where to use them

Small Rectangular Ad from Google Adsense

Google Adsense provides you with various different ad formats that can be displayed in varied ad sizes on your web pages. Google provides you with different ad sizes that you can choose from, to better suit your web design. I have classified these sizes to four major categories but you can use any of them anywhere on the webpage. Horizontal…

what are the different google adsense ad formats?

Google Adsense Ad format - Square Ad

Google Adsense provides a wide range of ad sizes for you to choose from, so that it can fit into almost any website design and templates. Each of these sizes can be also configured to show various different types or formats of ads as you seem fit. There are several different types of Google Adsense ad formats that you can…

what are google adsense impressions…page impressions and ad unit impressions

Ad Impressions in Adsense

No matter what the values are for your other statistics like CTR and CPC, the Adsense impressions count is one of the major factors affecting your revenue. Often the first and the easiest thing that you have to increase upon is the impressions. In order to increase the Adsense impressions you get, you need to understand the concept, definitions and…

what is google adsense and how it all works

Blocking ads in adsense

Google AdSense is a web based ad display network and/or service run by Google to facilitate content creators and content websites to display advertisements to consumers or visitors. It is one of Google’s highest revenue generating programs constituting about 28% of the total revenue (at least that is what I hear). This service acts as a bridge between the advertisers…