how to specify dimensions of an image in HTML, CSS or Javascript

Dimensions in img tag

Images are an integral part of any or at least most webpages. Almost every single webpage that you find on the internet will have at least one image in it. Of course, you might find some manual pages (and some pages on this blog) that might be devoid of any image, but they are usually far and few in between….

javascript: how to delete or remove a property from javascript objects?

javascript logo

If you are a seasoned JavaScript developer, then you work with JavaScript objects all the time and it is pretty obvious how you can remove properties from objects. This post is more for the uninitiated and newbies, not for programmers ;-). It is easy enough create properties and assign values to them. There are also a couple of different ways…

how to reload or refresh a webpage using javascript

firefox reload and refresh button

When developing webpages for a website, you will often come across pages that updates much more frequently than others. One of the easiest way to ensure that the viewers get the latest content is to refresh the page automatically. Although you could also rely on the users refreshing the page manually, it is sometimes desirable to reload the page automatically…