how to change encoding in gedit text editor

gedit file open dialog

GEdit is one most popular text editor in Linux desktops. It comes with a whole lot of functionalities. Often times you will need to change the encoding of the file you are viewing in the editor. Many of the editors provide you with the ability to change the file encoding on the fly. We will see how we can change…

linux: how to replace text in file from command line

vi editor and search expressions

Linux has several different utilities that can perform string or text manipulation. Depending on your environment and the tools that are available, you should be able to easily parse, find and replace any string in a text file. Almost every single text editor comes with a find and replace feature with a UI, so we are going to only explore…

vi editor: how to go to a line by line number

vi editor and search expressions

The vi or vim editor is the popular and feature rich editor for editing text files in Linux. You can go to a particular line in the editor in several ways depending on where you are accessing it from. from the command line If you are opening a file from the command line, and you want the cursor at a…

how to delete lines in vi or vim editor in linux

vi editor and search expressions

If you use vi or vim editor to edit text files, then you should know different text manipulation commands that exist in the editor. One of the common actions you will perform is the deletion of a line or multiple lines from with in the editor. Let’s see the various ways you can delete a line in the vim editor….