rosetta drink recipe: how to make the rosetta martini

Rosetta Martini is not one of the popular drinks that you see served in many bars and restaurants. It is however an interesting drink with strong orange flavors that is cut with the bitterness of Campari.

The recipe for Rosetta Martini calls for two different liqueurs along with the base spirit Vodka. The less commonly available ingredient in the recipe is Campari which is an Italian liqueur that is an infusion of herbs and fruits with alcohol. The other ingredient is Cointreau which is a orange flavored french liqueur that is an aperitif.

If you like orange based cocktails such as an Orange Blossom, Satan’s Whiskers, Between the Sheets or a Sidecar Cocktail  then this a very similar drink that you will enjoy.


  • 1 1/2 shots of Orange Flavored Vodka
  • 1/2 shot of Cointreau
  • 3/4 shots of Campari
  • 1 shot of Orange Juice
  • Orange peel for garnish


  1. Add ice cubes into a martini shaker
  2. Add one and a half shots of orange flavored Vodka, such as Stolichnaya Ohranj or Grey Goose L’Orange
  3. Add half shot of Cointreau to the shaker
  4. Add 3/4 shot of Campari
  5. Add one shot of freshly squeezed Orange juice into the shaker
  6. Shake the contents well for several minutes
  7. Strain the contents of the shaker into a chilled martini glass
  8. Garnish with an orange peel
Rosetta Martini Cocktail

Variations and Similar Drinks

This is probably not a popular enough drink to have many variations. However there are several different drinks share a similar flavor profile.

Orange Blossom: A much sweeter version with sweet vermouth and Gin.
Satan’s Whiskers: It is drink made with Gin and Grand Marnier along with Orange Juice. It is a variation of the more classic Bronx martini.
Between The Sheets: The base spirit here is either the Cognac or Brandy. It also contains Benedictine along with some lemon juice.
Sidecar Martini: Again another classic made with Cognac or Brandy. It has Cointreau and lemon juice.
D.O.M Martini: A Gin based martini made with Benedictine and orange juice.


  • Use freshly squeezed orange juice, when possible. This gives a unique lightness and freshness to the drink.
  • You could use vodka instead of the orange flavored vodka, if needed.
  • If you do not have Cointreau, you could substitute another orange liqueur such as Triple Sec or Curacao.