how to use wget to find broken links on your website

broken links detection with wget

As websites get larger and larger with ever-growing content, it could easily get to be a nightmare to maintain. It is true for any website. But this is especially true of a blog, a forum or any site with a constant influx of new content. Over time, content on the website can get outdated and removed. This could lead to…

7 linux commands that will help you learn other linux commands

man rm command

One of the daunting task that most Linux beginners face is the sheer number of several different commands and utilities that are available. Some of these commands might¬†seem to do the exact same things. Each of these commands have numerous command line options on top of it. Yes. having choices comes at a price. It is quite impractical to learn…

how to change line spacing or line height in html

html line spacing css

When coding html pages for a website, the line spacing of the text content is probably one of attributes that is usually¬†left as default. Most of the time, you do not even think about it and the default works the best. The line spacing or line height is the vertical height between lines of text in a rendered html page….

javascript: how to delete or remove a property from javascript objects?

javascript logo

If you are a seasoned JavaScript developer, then you work with JavaScript objects all the time and it is pretty obvious how you can remove properties from objects. This post is more for the uninitiated and newbies, not for programmers ;-). It is easy enough create properties and assign values to them. There are also a couple of different ways…

how to use a mailto link tag in html webpages

choose mailto link application in firefox

Many small business websites are build once and usually never maintained after that. The content updates are far and few in between and the functionality pretty much stays the same. never fixed when broken. This is especially true of non-retail websites that do not sell any products online. One of important functionality of such websites is the ability for the…