Does Those Bad Backlinks Really Hurt Your Rankings?

Bad Backlinks in Webmaster Tools

What is a back link? A back link is a (web) link back to your webpage from another webpage in another web node. Although internal links are also technically back links, external links (mostly) are more relevant from the context of SEO. So, a back link typically is a web link in a webpage that resides on another domain that…

6 Advanced Linux Commands You Should Know

find command linux

Almost every functionality in Linux is implemented as commands and command line utilities. If you work with command shells, then it is important that you have a working knowledge of many of these commands. There are many commands that you will use regularly. Those are mostly simple commands that perform everyday tasks such as file editing, file management and search….

How to Make a Sweet Bronx Martini Cocktail

Sweet Bronx Martini Cocktail

The Sweet Bronx martini is essentially a variation of the much more traditional Bronx Martini. The original Bronx martini itself can be seen as a variation of the Perfect Martini. The original Bronx martini contains both the sweet vermouth as well as the dry vermouth. This recipe calls for the dry vermouth to be substituted with the sweet vermouth. As…

6 Advanced Linux Commands for Everyday Use

find command linux

For most users working with the command shell is a big part of the Linux operating system. To be honest, most modern Linux distros are quite user friendly and you can use it as an your everyday system with out even accessing the command shell. That does not mean you should not use it. If you are new to Linux…

7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know in Linux Command Shell

Reload shell profile environment in linux

When using the command shell or terminal in Linux, there are several keyboard shortcuts available to you that perform common functions. Many of these shortcuts are common across many of the different shells, such as bash, csh, ksh or fish. That means you do not have to remember different commands for different shells. We will see some common keyboard shortcuts…

Adwords: 5 Benefits of having Multiple Ads in an Ad Group

Long-tail keywords in adwords

When working with an Google Adwords campaign, you will need to have at least one Ad Group in the campaign. There are several advantages to having ad groups in a campaign. Each of these ad groups can in turn contain several keywords and multiple ads in them. Ideally, you should have several keywords and matching ads in the same ad…

How to Rename or Change Theme Name in WordPress

wordpress theme name

Themes are one of the most important part or feature of WordPress. Themes are an easy way to “skin” your website and provide it an unique design and layout with out having to modify any of the underlying code. Most themes are usually plug-and-play, meaning it can easily be installed and activated using the WordPress UI. Many of the well-designed…

How to Specify Image Dimensions in HTML

Dimensions in img tag

Images are an integral part of any or at least most webpages. Almost every single webpage that you find on the internet will have at least one image in it. Of course, you might find some manual pages (and some pages on this blog) that might be devoid of any image, but they are usually far and few in between….