Adwords: 5 Benefits of having Multiple Ads in an Ad Group

Long-tail keywords in adwords

When working with an Google Adwords campaign, you will need to have at least one Ad Group in the campaign. There are several advantages to having ad groups in a campaign. Each of these ad groups can in turn contain several keywords and multiple ads in them. Ideally, you should have several keywords and matching ads in the same ad…

How to Rename or Change Theme Name in WordPress

wordpress theme name

Themes are one of the most important part or feature of WordPress. Themes are an easy way to “skin” your website and provide it an unique design and layout with out having to modify any of the underlying code. Most themes are usually plug-and-play, meaning it can easily be installed and activated using the WordPress UI. Many of the well-designed…

How to Specify Image Dimensions in HTML

Dimensions in img tag

Images are an integral part of any or at least most webpages. Almost every single webpage that you find on the internet will have at least one image in it. Of course, you might find some manual pages (and some pages on this blog) that might be devoid of any image, but they are usually far and few in between….

How to List Groups in Linux from Command Line

Linux List All Groups

Users and User Groups are one of the primary concepts in Linux security. A big part of security is the regular maintenance of the system including removing defunct users, reviewing group membership of users and monitoring group and file permissions. Often times, you would want to list all users or just the logged in users. Other times, you would want…

How to List Folders or Directories in Linux

Find large files using du and find in linux

In Linux, everything is implemented as “Files“. That mostly means that they all share several “common” features/properties while having some unique properties of their own. All files and folders are implemented the same way, as Files. That is a very abstract explanation of the whole thing and there are still some differences between file systems. If you want to really…

The Pink Gin Cocktail Recipe

Pink Gin Martini

The original Pink Gin recipe dates all the way back to the mid 19th century England. The original recipe called for the use of Plymouth Gin, but any Gin of your choice should work. The drink is sometimes just referred to as Gin and Bitters. The original recipe is said to have been created by the members of the Royal…

How to Reload or Refresh a Webpage using JavaScript

firefox reload and refresh button

When developing websites and webpages, you will come across some pages that updates much more frequently than others. One of the easiest way to ensure that the viewers get the latest content is to refresh the page automatically. You could also rely on the users refreshing the page manually. One such example of a webpage would be web scorecard of…

The Differences between Static and Dynamic Webpages

static and dynamic webpages

Webpages and in turn websites can generally be classified into two broad categories: Static and Dynamic.The basic difference between these two types of web content is how it is created or put together each time it is accessed. In order to understand the differences between static and dynamic webpages, you should know how a webpage is put together. There are…