How to find the size of folders and their sub-folders?

size of folder with du

No matter what operating system you use, you routinely would want to know the size of folders, sub-folders and files on your file system. Keeping your file system organized is just good practice and a tool to proper maintenance of your system. And Linux is no exception. First, we will see how you can easily summarize the size of folders…

The Recipe to the Martinez Cocktail Martini

The Martinez martini

The Martinez cocktail martini is a sweeter drink along the lines of the Sweet Vermouth Martini. It is sometimes referred to as the predecessor to the Classic Gin Martini. The drink gets its sweetness from both the sweet vermouth and the simple syrup. The original known recipe for the Martinez cocktail is quite old dating back to the later 1880s….

What determines a Keyword’s Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Keywords CTR in Google Adwords

You use keywords almost everywhere whether you are consumer, an advertiser or a content publisher. Keywords is one of the major factors that ties all of these different processes together. A consumer (or a web user) typically uses keywords to search for content, services or products. An advertiser uses (these) keywords to advertise his products or services such that the…

How to List Processes in Linux from Command Prompt

ps command output

Processes or Tasks are the executing instances of a particular application or program in an operating system. All running programs including operating system will have its own process. Also, you can have multiple instances of the same program running, each of which will have separate processes. In addition to the top level processes, there can also be child processes. A…

How to List Disks in Linux

list of disks in linux

Hard Disk, Hard Drive, Disk Drive or Hard Disk Drive are all names for a data storage device (hardware device) for storing and retrieving digital information usually in a computer. A computer can have multiple hard disks attached to it, both internal and external. Now these hard disks can be further divided to multiple logical containers in order to host…

How to List all Services in Linux

rc-status output in gentoo

A service is an application that can be run in the background, usually in perpetuity in order to perform some task or waiting for requests from other applications to perform tasks. All operating systems, including Linux has some kind of support for these type of applications. Services are also sometimes referred to as daemons. There are several different services that…

How to List Members of an User Group in Linux

User Groups and members

In Linux, as with most operating system a user is someone who can login and use the computer. Having separate accounts for each of the individual users allows you to manage the users better in terms of security. Users and Groups are concepts in Linux (and other OS-es) that are primarily used for permission-ing and to control access to files,…

How to Append Text to a File in Linux

Use cat or sed to append text to file

Append is defined as “to add something new to something that is existing, as an attachment or supplement“. Sometimes you will need to append text to an already existing text file. This text could come from any source, such as a line of text from the command line, the output of a command or from another text file. The easiest…