adwords on budget: avoid bidding wars and popular keywords to reduce cost

When marketing with Google Adwords, it is not uncommon to find that your budget is running out too quickly. This is either a sign that you are spending too much for your traffic or that you are targeting the wrong keywords. When you are on a budget your emphasis should be on getting the most return for your investment.

Sometimes, even if you are getting a good return it is prudent to spend only what you can afford on the marketing. That means, you will need to stick with in your budget and target the right keywords.

Avoid Popular Keywords

If you want to reduce the Adwords budget and the total cost of advertising, then it bodes well to stay away from the popular keywords. The popular keywords are a term used to refer to keywords that generate a lot of search queries. It can also refer to keywords that are used by a lot of advertisers or marketers as well.

These popular keywords are usually two edged swords: It will usually get you a lot of impressions and even clicks, but they will also cost a lot more. It always leaves you wondering if it is worth the high traffic and high cost. This is especially true if you are running out of budget regularly and is already on a limited budget.

Avoid Bidding Wars

Another trick is to stay away from getting into bidding wars. When they are a lot of competitors for a keyword, it can quite easily drive the cost of the clicks up. The key here is not to fall into the temptation of out-bidding the others.

Stay with the bid that you are comfortable with. You may get fewer clicks as you are bidding low, and you will show up in the lower positions but you will save quite a bit of money by doing so.

It is usually the case that the popular keywords also are the keywords that trigger bidding wars. It does not always need to be the case, but more often than not it is. So, by staying away from the popular keywords, you would also be avoiding the bidding wars.

Google will routinely remind you that you are bidding too low and that your exposure rate to search is quite low. But the key here is to stick with the plan and budget and maximize the return on the clicks.