3 ways to increase impressions in google adsense

An Ad Impression in the online advertising context, represents a single visual display of an ad in the user's browser. It does not account for whether the user interacted with ad or not. It is counted as an impression every time an ad is fetched from the server with the intention of being displayed to the visitor on a webpage.

Ad impression is not to be confused with Page impressions. Although they are related and there is a positive co-relation between the two, they are two different metrics.

Assuming that all other metrics such as Revenue per Click (RPC), Click thru Rate (CTR), and Revenue per Mille (RPM) stays more or less constant, increasing the impressions is one of the ways to generate more revenue from the webpage.

Let's see some of the quick and easy ways to improve the ad impressions of the pages…

Slots above Fold

Depending on the page template and website design, you probably have several ad slots on the page. Consider moving some of the slots to the top of the page, or above the fold. This can give you more ad impressions, and definitely more ads that are more visible to the users.

More Slots in the Page

There is a maximum limit on the ad slots that you can have on a single page. Currently, Google specifies a maximum of three Adsense Content Units and three Link Units. If you are not already using all of these, then you can considering adding one or two more ad slots on the page.

If your template does not support any more slots, try to develop a template with support for more slots. You don't have to use all the slots all the time, but it gives you an easy way to move your ads around in the future.

Increase Page views and/or Traffic

The best way to increase impressions is to generate more traffic and more page views. Well, it is easier said than done. The more page views you have, the more adsense ad impressions you will have assuming that all pages have ads.

There are several different ways you can try to increase your page views (and traffic in general): creating more internal page links, creating more pages with content, promoting your pages in social networks, optimizing the pages to rank better in search engines etc etc. A detailed description of these is probably out of the scope of this post.

Generating more content pages and increasing the organic page views is the single best option available. This is both sustainable and enduring in the long run, but it is probably also the hardest.