google chrome set to get a new extension manager

Google Chrome have been revamping many of their settings and preferences pages. As Google Chromium is the browser on which the more stable chrome is based on, the latest and greatest (and worst!) usually lands on chromium first. The latest to make landfall is the new Extensions manager or settings page.

Latest Google Chrome Extension Manager

Currently, it seems to maintain most of the previous features but with a better look and feel. The enable (disable) feature seem to have been converted to a checkbox while the remove option is a button. Also there is a small arrow to open up the additional features for each extension.  It seems to make use of  the browser width a little more prudently, but personally i would prefer if it has used all of the available screen width.

Google Chrome Extensions Page Expanded

All in all , it is a better look and feel than the previous …….I would think that the plugin page would get a similar update as well.