evernote gets better clipping feature

Evernote web clipping just got a bit easier…

The Evernote extension in Google Chrome just got a new version which supports better clipping of web articles and posts. Earlier versions supported clipping of the entire page or just saving the URL as a bookmark. The new version supports yet an form of clipping called Article Clip.

If no part of the page is selected it clips just the article content with out all the extras on the webpage. It eliminates the menus, ads, navigation, layout and other “irrelevant” content while clipping.

Evernote Web Article Clip

If you have used any of the chrome extensions (or Firefox addons) like IReader or Readability, you must be familiar as to how those extensions actually format the webpage to take out all the clutter from the webpage and displays just the article content. Evernote takes a leaf out of that and introduces the feature as article clipping.

Actually the earlier workaround to do something similar was to use the Readability extension to view the article content and then clip that content. Evernote just makes it into one seamless function. And more, it highlights the section of the page that it will actually clip making it easier to see what is being clipped.

It still retains the ability to clip either the full page or the selected text as it did before. It also gets a better interface making it easier to add or change notebooks, tags and comments as well as to browse notes.

Another feature which came with this version was that they extended the simultaneous search feature to Bing and Yahoo. Earlier versions of Evernote already supported Google. Now, if only there was an option to replace the big blue ribbon that Evernote displays on all the search pages with a smaller icon.

Update: Evernote has discontinued the Clearly extension that allowed you to view and read page content without fluff.