how to make a sweet bronx martini cocktail..a variation of bronx martini

Sweet Bronx Martini Cocktail

The Sweet Bronx martini is essentially a variation of the much more traditional Bronx Martini. The original Bronx martini itself can be seen as a variation of the Perfect Martini. The original Bronx martini contains both the sweet vermouth as well as the dry vermouth. This recipe calls for the dry vermouth to be substituted with the sweet vermouth. As…

the pink gin cocktail recipe…with gin and bitters

Pink Gin Martini

The original Pink Gin recipe dates all the way back to the mid 19th century England. The original recipe called for the use of Plymouth Gin, but any Gin of your choice should work. The drink is sometimes just referred to as Gin and Bitters. The original recipe for Pink Gin martini is said to have been created by the…

the recipe to the martinez cocktail martini

The Martinez martini

The Martinez cocktail martini is a sweeter drink along the lines of the Sweet Vermouth Martini. It is sometimes referred to as the predecessor to the Classic Gin Martini. There are two main ingredients in the recipe, the sweet vermouth and the simple syrup that makes the drink quite sweet. The base spirit is Gin as in the classic martini….

the city of light drink recipe: the ultimate parisian cocktail

City of Light Martini

Over the years, there has been many drinks and cocktails named after the famous city of Paris. Most of them differ wildly in taste and ingredients.This City of Light recipe is light, fruity and fresh with a slight sweetness. I first found the original City of Light recipe in one of books by David Lebovitz. He attributes the recipe to…

how to make a pine-apple martini…an appletini variation.

A Pine-Apple Martini Cocktail

A Pine-Apple martini is a variation of the Appletini and the Classic Apple Martini. The major difference between the drinks is the pineapple juice. The pineapple juice in this recipe adds a fruitier flavor to the drink when compared to the traditional Appletini drink. The drink is cleverly named as Pine-Apple martini and is different from a Pineapple martini, where…

vesper martini: the recipe for a modern day vesper martini

Vesper Martini Cocktail

The Vesper Martini is the drink that is made famous by James Bond in the novel Casino Royale. Just for the sake of some history on the origin of the drink, the drink recipe was introduced in Chapter Seven of the book, but was not named until chapter eight, when James Bond meets the double agent Vesper Lynd. There is…

how to make a sour apple martini..a classic apple martini variation

A Sour apple martini

The Sour Apple Martini is a variation of the Classic Apple Martini and the traditional Apple Martini or the Appletini. This recipe uses lime juice in lieu of the Cointreau in the Appletini. All the ingredients of the drink remain the same as the Appletini except for the lime juice. The lime juice adds the sour flavor to the drink…

how to make a classic apple martini…a variation of appletini

Classic Apple Martini thumbnail

Despite its name, the Classic Apple Martini is not the Appletini or the traditional Apple Martini but rather a variation of it. A traditional Apple martini uses Cointreau as one of the ingredients which is substituted by dry vermouth in this recipe. What gives the drink the name is its similarity to the Classic Vodka Martini, which also uses Vodka and…

so, how many ounces or milli-litres is a shot glass?

A shot glass

Most cocktail and drink recipes refer to the proportion of the ingredients as shots. So do I in this blog. This usually invokes the question: How many ounces is in a shot? The short answer is: It does not matter, especially if you are asking it from the perspective of following the recipe to make the drink. Any size of…

how to make a velvet hammer martini…with vodka

Velvet Hammer Martini Cocktail

The Velvet Hammer martini is a light creamy drink which is on the sweeter side which makes it ideal as an after dinner drink. The drink is usually served up as a martini, but occasionally you can find it served as a short-ball over ice. Velvet Hammer seems to be one of those drinks that nobody knows exactly what goes into…

rosetta drink recipe: how to make the rosetta martini

Rosetta Martini cocktail

Rosetta Martini is not one of the popular drinks that you see served in many bars and restaurants. It is however an interesting drink with strong orange flavors that is cut with the bitterness of Campari. The recipe for Rosetta Martini calls for two different liqueurs along with the base spirit Vodka. The less commonly available ingredient in the recipe is Campari…

how to make the satan’s whiskers martini cocktail

Satan's Whiskers Martini Cocktail

Satan’s Whiskers is a variation of the more classic Bronx martini cocktail. This adds Grand Marnier which is an orange flavored cognac liqueur, into to the mix. This helps to accentuate the orange flavors in the drink, which can actually make it fruity. It is quite possible that some may find this drink to be a little on the sweeter side….